Google WaveHTML development of the world have come to the HTML 5 continues to be followed by several world-class developers, as well as with Google. Google is famous for their brilliant ideas, re-introducing a new innovation, which they give a Google Wave as name. By using HTML 5, they integrate multiple feature-a feature that already exists on their website, like for example Google Mail and Google Map.

Of course you’re curious rather than anything interesting feature on this website? Let’s look at feature-a feature that already exists in Google’s Wave to date:

Navigation on the left was seen consisting of Inbox, Settings, Trash, and several other components. Below the visible screen Navigation Contact table containing the names of contact of users.

When the user clicking on the Inbox, the user will see a screen similar to Google Mail. However, Google added some interesting new features. Each message in your inbox will be turned into a thread. Any other users who join in such threads will be shown a picture and they can do is reply to the thread. They can leave a message under reply that already exists or if the user wants to reply to a specific part of their message, they can immediately reply to a specific message is directly below. The owner thread can also invite other users to participate in discussions with existing users in these threads.

Users can also do a live chat on these threads. In these threads, users can perform sharing pictures, videos, and also displays a map and then shows the fastest path to get to a place. Other users can discuss the images or videos that exist on the thread. Google also does not forget the entertainment element of the Wave, the user can beramain game as other friends through this website.

That need to be noted, Google has invited developers from around the world to develop this website. So do not be surprised if at the launch of this website has come, there will be many exciting new features. Google is targeting peluncurkan this website in mid 2009.

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