Bismillah … Assalaamualaikum brother…, alhamdulillah I try to start writing some of the things I’ve learned or am studying about computers. I will begin by computer networks. I think a lot of friends  are already familiar with computers and computer networks. Because almost all areas of work are now using computers. To The extent my brother that still sitting in the elementary school classroom was already introduced to the computer. In fact, when I was in high school, I do not know what the name of the mouse. After seeing for the first time, when our time together my friends invited Mr. Mustakim or maybe Mr. Muktasim ? (Teacher of PPKN in SMA N 1 Kebumen, excuse me sir I forgetful), go to the Post Office Kebumen near the plaza, to introduce the Internet to us. I think I see many of my friends have already familiar with computer, like Ipin (Zaenal Arifin). I asked him, how’s that way to use it? : -?. it’s just a movable , continue on the left-click or  right-click …. It was just a glimpse of my acquaintance with the mouse and the internet:)

Back to the problem, the computer from the beginning until now, was experiencing rapid growth. Starting from the first generation of Vacuum Tube enormous size, but its ability is very limited, until now a size smaller, but with the various ability . Well … It’s more development of the computer :

  1. First Generation: Vacuum Tubes
    • ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer)
    • Finalizing mathematical equations
    • Weight 30 tons, volume 15 000 square feet, using a 140 KW power and 18,000 vacuum tubes
  2. Second Generation: Transistors

    o transistors replace vacuum tubes, Smaller, cheaper, better work

    o The use of arithmetic and logic to more complex, higher programming languages and software computer systems with

  3. Third Generation: Integrated Circuits
    • A collection of transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc.. Establishing a chips (pieces) Each piece forming a gate input and output points
  4. Next Generation: Microposesor
    • In 1971, Intel has managed to create a system of 4004, the precursor processors
    • Integrated all of the CPU components.
    • Evolution of increasing the number of bits at a particular processor.
    • The smaller the size, the greater the data bus width, the higher speed
  5. Pentium
    • 8080; 8 bit machine, with the trajectory data 8 – data bits to the memory
    • 8086; far more powerful, 16 bit, having instruction cache,
    • 80 286; pengelamatan up to 16 MB memory
    • 80 386; 32 bit first, competing mainframe
    • 80 486; much better ddr 386
    • PII
    • PIIIe
    • P4

This development was to make computers become more affordable and can be used for various purposes, ranging from writing, counting, listening to music / Koran, the design drawings of clothes, home, until make people chuckle his self, now already can:). Surely this makes more and more dependent office with a computer.

With this condition, of course, the longer your computer becomes more and more, not just certain individuals who use computers, even a small computer that high mobility like laptops, notebooks, or netbooks, are now almost everyone already have. If we see person who sells laptops at the exhibition for example, or in computer stores, such as seeing someone who was selling roasted peanuts.

Problems also arise when we need to use the data simultaneously, or print simultaneously, whereas there is only one printer. So the data we have, must be taken to places in need, or must be copied to the existing printer. Obviously this will be very inconvenient. If just only two or three people who want to use may not be a problem, well when people have dozens or even hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, if need to copy one by one, it will be very troublesome and inconvenient. For that needed a solution to duplication of resources or how to be more efficient communications.

The solution is to connect these computers so they can communicate with each other between one computer to another computer. With the lack of communication between computers, is expected to make an easy, mobility increasingly smooth, long distances to be no problem (as there is no distance), and become more efficient.

Then …. what to do ….?

What is computer network? Is it like a spider’s web? or if a computer is used for dividing us like a net to play badminton net …? or computer is used to catch fish such as fish nets …? Or … probably nothing to do with the terrorist network ….? lho … why till say terrorists?

Computer network is a system that consists of several computers (more than one), additional computers and other network devices connected to one another by using certain media using predefined rules.

From the above definition, then the computer network has several components, namely:

1. Computer Tools:

o Computer (inside there is the device that connects with such a network (NIC, Modem)

o Printer

o Scanner

2. Network Devices (to be discussed further)


o Modem

o Hub

o Switch

o Router

o Firewall

o Media (will be discussed further)

o Cable

o Non-Cable (Wireless)

3. Rules (to be discussed further)

o Protocol

All equipment must be connected directly participate. The equipment required for connection Physically include the following:

• PC


• Media Network

• Repeater / Hub / Bridge / Switch / Router