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Learning JQuery

What Is JQuery ? JQuery is a framework / library that can help us simplify and speed up the processing of DOM on web pages. With jQuery we can create more engaging and interactive web easily. jQuery already mengautomasi public jobs and mempersimple complex code. This library is very small and has a lot of […]

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What Is Google Wave?

It is a fundamental question about the things we want to know, basically Google Wave has several innovative features, just call as real-time communication platform. This software will combine aspects of email, instant messaging, wikis, web chat, social networking, and project management in the packing in a form of platforms and make it as browser […]

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Google Wave: The Latest Google’s Innovation

HTML development of the world have come to the HTML 5 continues to be followed by several world-class developers, as well as with Google. Google is famous for their brilliant ideas, re-introducing a new innovation, which they give a Google Wave as name. By using HTML 5, they integrate multiple feature-a feature that already exists […]

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Menampilkan Nomor Urut di Dalam Query

Pak Untung saya punya data dari suatu tabel yang di situ ada idnya. Cuma ketika saya mau tampilkan di report saya pingin ada nomor urutnya, sedangkan idnya kan udah ga urut lagi. Sebagai contoh ada data buku yang udah diseleksi id_lokasinya = 11 hasilnya : id_buku id_judul no_inventory id_lokasi 44 00012 00044/b/2007 11 62 00017 […]

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Introduction to Computer Network

Bismillah … Assalaamualaikum brother…, alhamdulillah I try to start writing some of the things I’ve learned or am studying about computers. I will begin by computer networks. I think a lot of friendsĀ  are already familiar with computers and computer networks. Because almost all areas of work are now using computers. To The extent my […]

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Pengenalan Jaringan Komputer

Bismillah…, Assalaamualaikum saudaraku…, alhamdulillah saya mencoba mulai menulis beberapa hal yang saya sudah pelajari ataupun sedang saya pelajari tentang komputer. Saya akan memulai dengan jaringan komputer. Saya kira banyak dari temen2 semua sudah mengenal dengan yang namanya komputer dan jaringan komputer. Karena hampir di semua bidang pekerjaan sekarang sudah menggunakan komputer. Sampe2 adik2 yang masih […]

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